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Generate simple & advanced QR codes. Easy, customizable & trackable.

QR templates
You get 13 built-in QR code templates to get you started right away.
We do not store any data of your created QR codes, except the ones that you save in your account willingly.
Highly customizable
Create the QR code you need, brand it with your own colors & logo.
Tracking pixels
Facebook, Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, Quora tracking pixels available.
Easiest way to categorize your managed resources.
Custom domains
Connect your own domain or use our predefined ones.

Static QR codes

Static QR codes are fixed, meaning that all the data is directly embedded into the QR code. Once generated and printed for real-world usage, it can't be changed.

  • Fully customizable
  • No scan limit
  • No data saved on our servers

Dynamic QR codes

Dynamic QR codes for links, allow you to change the destination of the QR code on-the-fly, whenever you want. It combines multiple technologies to make this happen in the background with the help of our Links tool.

  • Advanced scan statistics
  • Change URL destination dynamically
  • Scheduling, expiration limits, A/B Rotation
  • Password protection
  • Country, device & language re-targeting

Types Of QR Code

A large array of QR code templates to choose from and get started.


Simple and clear text embedded into a QR code.

Generate Text QR Code


Send someone to a link.

Generate URL QR Code


Get calls from people by scanning the QR code.

Generate Phone QR Code


Get custom SMS messages from people by scanning the QR code.

Generate SMS QR Code


Get custom Emails from people by scanning the QR code.

Generate Email QR Code


Get custom Whatsapp messages from people by scanning the QR code.

Generate Whatsapp QR Code


Get Facetime calls from people by scanning the QR code.

Generate Facetime QR Code


Embed location coordinates for people to get directions more easily.

Generate Location QR Code


Create WiFi QR codes and let people connect to your WiFi more easily.

Generate WiFi QR Code


Generate a custom life calendar event and embed it into a QR code.

Generate Event QR Code


Get paid in crypto from people by scanning the QR code.

Generate Crypto QR Code


Embed all your contact data into a digital business card.

Generate Vcard QR Code


Create PayPal direct payment links.

Generate PayPal QR Code

What Is QR Code?

QR (Quick Response) Codes are a type of 2D barcode that can store information about your products or services. They can be scanned by a smartphone, tablet or other mobile devices with a camera and they will lead the user to marketing content, contact information, videos, social media pages, or any other relevant information.

QR Codes are often used in marketing campaigns and promotions. They are a quick and easy way for customers and clients to get more information about your product or service. It is the perfect tool for business owners and marketers to connect with their customers and provide them with relevant information at the right time.

The QR Code is also an excellent tool for eCommerce stores as it helps them provide their customers with all the necessary information about their products in one place.

QR codes are a great way to get people to take action on their mobile devices. Whether you want them to visit a website, download an app, or call your business, QR codes make it easy for people to do what you want them to do.

How To Generate A QR Code Using The QR Code Maker Pro?

QR Code Maker Pro is an easy-to-use online tool that helps you generate simple and advanced QR codes within just a few minutes.

The QR Code Maker Pro tool generates 13 different types of QR codes which include; Text QR codes, URL QR codes, Phone QR codes, SMS QR codes, Email QR codes, WhatsApp QR codes, Facetime QR codes, Location QR codes, WiFi QR codes, Event QR codes, Crypto QR codes, vCard QR codes, and PayPal QR codes.

Simply click on the “Generate QR codes”button above, choose the type of QR code you want to create, then follow the simple steps for creating that QR code, and you’ll have your QR code ready to use within a few minutes from now.

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