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Text QR Code Generator

Generate easy & customizable Text QR codes in minutes.

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Make sure to test out your configured QR code before using it in production.

Text QR Code Generator

A Text QR Code Generator is a tool that can be used to create QR codes from texts. This is a useful way for marketers and business owners to make their content interactive.

You simply type the desired text into the QR code generator. The QR code generator then generates a QR code that can be scanned by a cell phone, tablet, or other devices with a camera.

The Text QR Code Generator is designed to be used for marketing purposes.

It can be used to generate QR codes for posters, print media, and other materials. For example, it could generate a QR code for an email newsletter sign-up form.

How To Use the Text QR Code Generator?

Enter your text in the “Text content” field. Then, if you like, you could change the color of your QR code by clicking on the “Colors” button.

Next, you can click the “Branding” button to add your logo for brand awareness. Then, click the “Option” button to adjust the size, margin size, and error correction capability of your QR code.

Finally, you can print or download your QR code. And if you'd like to save your QR code, so you can have access to edit it in the future if the need arises, then you can click the “Sign Up” button to sign up.